Cherrie – “OG”

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Cherrie – “163 För Evigt” ft. Z.E

Though I do not speak Swedish, like many, I have fallen in love with Cherrie’s voice and her latest output, “163 För Evigt,” which translates to “163 Forever.”

The track is a hometown anthem and an inspirational record of sorts. Cherrie, who is of Somalian descent, grew up in a Stockholm suburb populated by non-European immigrants. The song contains the line “Om jag lyckas då vi alla kan”, which means, “If I succeed then we all can.”

“My music is known for its emotional and honest feelings that sometimes come from a dark place,” she told BuzzFeed. “This was my first release since my debut album, and I just really wanted to make something that had the same depth but could be positive and something people could vibe to.”