Cherrie – “Det Slår Mig Ibland”

Swedish-Somali singer Cherrie recently released a new track, which translates to “it strikes me sometimes” and an accompanying video.

The clip features lush greenery, bold colors and seaside shots filmed in Cape Town, South Africa.

Cherrie’s new album, Araweelo, is set to drop on June 1.


Cherrie – “163 För Evigt” ft. Z.E

Though I do not speak Swedish, like many, I have fallen in love with Cherrie’s voice and her latest output, “163 För Evigt,” which translates to “163 Forever.”

The track is a hometown anthem and an inspirational record of sorts. Cherrie, who is of Somalian descent, grew up in a Stockholm suburb populated by non-European immigrants. The song contains the line “Om jag lyckas då vi alla kan”, which means, “If I succeed then we all can.”

“My music is known for its emotional and honest feelings that sometimes come from a dark place,” she told BuzzFeed. “This was my first release since my debut album, and I just really wanted to make something that had the same depth but could be positive and something people could vibe to.”