You ever listen to a song and it just makes you feel good? This song is that for me right now.

Although it’s cold as shit in the Bay Area, hearing this song makes me feel like it’s a sunny afternoon perfect for chilling out by the water or going for a cruise with the top down.

Hope it gives you the same feeling. This joint is full of surprises: killer drums and horns.

Wiz Khalifa is still my guy, like I genuinely like him as an artist. Since I first started listening to him back in 2010, he has put out a ton of music, some that I loved and some that I didn’t really care for too much. The thing that I like most is his personality and his flow is nice…plus, he puts on a good show.

Apparently, he has a new project coming out. He shared the news in a video posted on YouTube. Can’t wait to hear what he puts out. It’s supposed to drop next month.

I love documentaries, especially music documentaries, and this one is good. Atlanta holds a special place in my heart so I’m always interested in checking out things about the city and I’ve always wondered what it would’ve been like going to FreakNik.

Needless the say, this was right up my alley. Super informative with some cool footage. Watch the 40-minute clip here:

Migos may be the biggest trendsetters in the rap game. Everyone from athletes to fellow rappers and singers have been dabbing…even legendary singer Stevie Wonder. Yes, Stevie Wonder can dab. His folks taught him on Christmas.

Check it out below:


The rapper now known as Drake‘s alleged ghostwriter dropped a mixtape the other day. I don’t know how good the entire project is. I’ve been stuck on these two songs:

I’ll check out the rest of Hey! Thanks A Lot 3 one of these days.

It’s one of his older uploads but I first heard “Pigeons” the other day and I love that song. Money Man has some other good tracks on SoundCloud, too.

Take a listen to a few of his songs that I liked the most below: