Trouble hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to dealing with the law. After serving a brief stint in Dekalb County Jail, the Atlanta native released his Edgewood album.

A Mike WiLL Made-It-produced cut titled “Selfish” is the latest to receive visual treatment. With Derek Schklar behind the lens, the video shows Trouble and his comrades walking through a mall mouthing the lyrics about fake friends and those with loose morals.

“You say you love me I ain’t seen it/All this money just got you fiendin’/You gon do next to anything for this/I tell you my dawg I seen it/Fake love my dawg won’t see it/Fuck all that dawg, I done felt it/Muhfucka be so selfish/Like yeah, I keep it pushin’ like I’m on the block/Keep it pushin you don’t rock how I rock/Keep it pushin’ like I’m on the block/Keep it pushin’ you don’t rock how I rock,” Trouble raps on the hook.

Filmed in São Paulo, Brazil by director Premier King, Jah9’s “Hardcore” video shows the reggae singer in various parts of the city with an all-female crew including members of the Feminine Hi Fi posse. Chronixx also makes an appearance, joining Jah9 in the primary scene atop a city rooftop. A portion of the video was shot in California by All Eyes On It.

The video features a combination of soft, vibrant nature backdrops integrated with the gritty elements of the streets, emphasizing the melodic yet brazen energy of the song.