BOYSLASHFRIEND – ‘Sensitive Thug’

New York-bred BOYSLASHFRIEND’s love for R&B runs deep and he wants to bring that timeless feel back to the genre.

On his newest EP, BOYSLASHFRIEND reflects on failed love and his reluctance to go through another relationship.

“Music is missing vulnerability, and I know I’m not crazy for thinking that,” he wrote to Mass Appeal. “There’s people out there who feel deeper, the same way that I do. I meet these people everyday. Some who are open and some who suppress it, but are trying their best to open up. It’s a constant battle, it’s a part of being human, and it will never stop. This EP is for those people to reassure that they are not alone. It’s not meant to be played around your friends or for the DJ to spin at the club. It’s for those times when you’re driving home or taking the train and you’re in your thoughts. Those nights when it feels like no one understands you or when you feel like you don’t even understand yourself. I’ve grown a lot, and I know you have, too. Just believe in what you’re feeling. Let your mind connect the dots and always be sure to let your heart lead the way. s/o to MNTN, Jason Scott, Obey City, and Gldneye [Tom Cruz] for adding the colors to my picture. Spread love. Show compassion. And always stay true.”


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