Kanye West – Saint Pablo Tour: Oakland


Love him or hate him, Kanye West always seems to make his way into the conversation, whether in real life or plastered on social media feeds. His life as a celebrity has been an interesting one to watch unfold. Aside from his music, which some would call hit-or-miss in comparison to his previous works, West has managed to keep fans on their toes with his unpredictable behavior.

Back in 2013, West set out on tour in support of his Yeezus album. After previously declining interviews, West routinely took time out of his set to speak to the crowd, or unleash rants, as they were dubbed in the headlines. Topics varied and to concertgoers who just wanted to hear the music, many of his statements were frustrating and outright offensive.

Tour time came around again with the release of West’s seventh studio album, The Life Of Pablo, and things were smooth sailing until his first show post Donald Trump’s win as president-elect.

West had already performed in Oakland twice and made a second trip to the Bay Area to take the stage in San Jose. He reportedly performed just three songs and revealed that had he voted, he would have put Trump on his ballot. A couple of nights later, he pissed off a crowd in Sacramento when he called out Beyonce and performed another lackluster set before abruptly ending the show.

Luckily, my first Kanye West concert experience was nothing like what others in the Bay encountered recently. Although he started about an hour late, the performance was phenomenal. His uninterrupted set lasted about two hours and included tracks from TLOP as well as hits like “Good Life” and “Jesus Walks.” The floating stage was impressive and it was cool to see the crowd getting hype in the mosh pit below, which Warriors forward Kevin Durant later joined. He also had dope stage lighting.

All in all, I enjoyed myself but in the back of my mind, I was wondering, Will tonight be one of those nights? It wasn’t, but I had no idea what to expect. When it comes to Mr. West, you literally get what you pay for and these days, who knows what the hell that is.

Note: The show I attended took place on Oct. 23. 


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