B.o.B. – “War Witch”

B.o.B.’s latest releases have been thought provoking and insightful, to say the least. A few weeks ago, he shared his Art Imitates Reality mixtape and he carried that them into the visuals for “War Witch.”

The video, shot from inside a grocery store, ventures through the ills of society – a couple in a heated argument, two employees gambling, a scientist injecting an unknown substance into a cantaloupe, voodoo – as a little girl takes various turns while pushing a shopping cart.


Review: FX ‘Atlanta’

A decade ago, T.I. brought his hometown to the big screen in a relatable coming-of-age film titled ATL. The movie made me and all of my friends want to move to the Peach State, likely increased interest in HBCUs like Spelman College and gave everyone outside of the 285 a glimpse of life in the heart of the South. Fast forward ten years, and while there’s no solid sign of a highly anticipated sequel, Tip’s hip-hop successor, Childish Gambino (Donald Glover), has brought us back to the A.

While ATL focused on the happs of New New, Rashad and their high school crew as they prepared for life after, Gambino’s Atlanta offers a different perspective and more current ongoings of the city.

Since the mid-2000s, Atlanta has become a headquarters for hip-hop and television, synonymous with strip clubs, trap houses and reality shows. Some have embraced it, capitalized off of it and made themselves the poster children for these things. Although it’s only two episodes in, it doesn’t seem like this show will venture down any of those rabbit holes, except of course, hip-hop, and probably strip clubs.

On the show, Gambino stars as Earn, a Princeton dropout who seems to be going through a rough patch in life. He has a young daughter and depends on her mother, Van, for emotional and financial support.

So far, we’ve also been introduced to Earn’s cousin, Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles, a budding rapper on the brink of neighborhood stardom. Judging from what we’ve already seen of their relationship, it’s safe to say that anything is possible when these two get together.

In the first episode, “The Big Bang,” they find themselves behind bars following an altercation outside a liquor store that started with a young man kicking Paper Boi’s sideview mirror and ended with a gun being fired. In the second episode, “Streets on Lock,” Paper Boi is released from jail and enjoys the perks of his newfound street cred and a song on the radio. Meanwhile, Earn remains locked up and pleads with his baby moms to get him out.

I’m not exactly sure where this is going, but it’s off to a good start. Atlanta airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

UPDATE: Season 2 of Atlanta returns on March 1.

Lil Wayne Hints At Retirement

Early Saturday morning, Lil Wayne sent out tweets that led many to believe that he is planning to retire from rapping.

The self-proclaimed best rapper alive has been facing an uphill battle against Birdman and Cash Money Records for quite some time now regarding the release of his Carter V album. Back in 2012, he announced that the project would be his last solo album and things have been pretty up in the air since then. Despite being seen out with Birdman on various occasions, Wayne has not been quiet about his displeasure with the label.

While it is still unclear what exactly he meant by his tweets, the thought of Lil Wayne retiring is hard to accept.

But he may end up pulling a Jay Z. Who knows.



Travis Scott – ‘Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight’ [REVIEW]

This is a first listen review.

Travis Scott is back with more synthesized trap songs that make you feel like you’re taking a trip.

Scott showcases his undeniable influence from Kid Cudi, who appears on a track titled, “Through The Late Night.” Scott even interpolated lines from Cudi’s “Day ‘N’ Nite.”

The album also features guest spots from Kendrick Lamar, Bryson Tiller, The Weeknd, Andre 3000, Cassie, 21 Savage and Blac Youngsta.

All in all, this album is a solid follow-up to Rodeo. Both projects had flawless sequencing and the right amount of guest verses that didn’t feel forced. It’s safe to say that Scott defeated the sophomore slump.

My only complaint would be that “The Hooch” should’ve been featured.

Take a listen for yourself here.