Jay305 – “Inner City Hero”

I first heard Jay305’s music when he was featured on Dom Kennedy’s ‘OPM Vol. 1 – Young Nation’ project and it’s always refreshing to see him put out new content.

I’ll admit, the first time I watched this short film, I was very confused. I couldn’t understand how things tied together and what it all meant. But after reading his interview with PAPER, it started to make sense and the underlying message became clear: we’re all human.

With all that’s going on with police brutality, this is an interesting take on a serious issue. The clip’s YouTube description reads, “There’s a thin line between protagonist and antagonist in the current social climate. What happens when the hunter becomes the prey….when the prey emerges as the huntsman? The narrative of Inner City Hero is constructed from that perspective in the form of an avant musical. The killings must stop, too many innocent lives have been taken and there’s plenty of blood on LA’s finest hands. It’s time to turn the table and shove some empathy down a pig’s throat. The man for the job? Jay 305, a ‘South Central baby gangsta’ and he ain’t takin’ no shit!”


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