3 Most Important Tracks From YG’s ‘Still Brazy’ [REVIEW]

Last month, YG released his highly anticipated sophomore album Still Brazy, and many would say that he didn’t disappoint. Although YG is mostly known for his party anthems and braggadocios street raps, this time around he included some heavier content which surfaces as the album comes to a close.

It is worth noting that YG was shot at a recording studio last year as he makes reference to the incident throughout the album. But more captivating than the Bompton rapper’s paranoid attempts to figure out who shot him, is his political stance on record. From presidential candidate Donald Trump to black on black crime to police brutality, YG’s got something to say about it all.

Below are my picks of the 3 most important tracks on Still Brazy:

  1. “FDT” ft. Nipsey Hussle
  2. The album version of the track opens with a monologue by YG where he says he once had respect for Trump as a businessman, but that came to an end following his presidential campaign. Trump has offended more than a few with some of his policy suggestions and the two L.A. rappers made it very clear how they feel about the Republican candidate. YG also encourages the youth to get involved and pay attention to the happenings of the political word. At the end of the song, they show their support for the Mexican community.

  3. “Blacks & Browns” ft. Sad Boy
  4. YG then further solidifies his support of the Mexican community by teaming up with Sad Boy for, in my opinion, the album’s most profound track. YG discusses the struggles of being a “nigga” and the self-destruction of the black population. He urges for solidarity and progression, while criticizing the system for keeping blacks stagnant in society. In return, Sad Boy shares the hardships of life as a “chicano.” He kicks things off with a sinister greeting of “Buenos dias, motherfuckers” and proceeds to echo sentiments similar to those of YG. Sad Boy takes shots at the government for the mistreatment and harassment of immigrants while condemning the inferior work options often presented to his community. The track ends with a man pleading for a police officer not to shoot him.

  5. “Police Get Away With Murder”
  6. On the album’s final track, YG touches on the catch-22 of carrying a gun in the hood. Essentially, he raps that he carries the strap for protection, but would be doomed if the police catches him with it. On the second verse, he raps about being racial profiled by police officers because of his attire. The song wraps with YG namedropping “innocent and unarmed” black men who have been killed by the police.


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