B.o.B – STFU Tour: Oakland [REVIEW]

Before Friday night, I hadn’t realized how much of B.o.B‘s music I actually knew and liked. I initially went to the show to see another artist, but left pleasantly surprised at my realization. The show was held at The New Parish in Oakland, a quaint venue with an up close and personal vibe.

That being said, prior to the show and the first opening act taking the stage, I remember thinking, “Why does the stage look so small? And what is all that shit they have up there?” There were live instruments, a mic stand and some other bulky objects covered in sheets.

All four of the opening acts were enjoyable, especially Austin Sexton and Reasn. London Jae performed an interesting and attention grabbing track about “paying for pussy” while K Mex didn’t quite seem to connect with the crowd.

As the openers completed their sets, the stage became a little less cluttered and the massive objects were revealed: they were TVs of different sizes and models, a part of B.o.B’s rather intriguing set. The screens flashed varying images of things like “sheeple” and iridescent clouds. Throughout his performance, he gave live renditions of fan favorites including “Strange Clouds,” “Nothin’ On You,” “Headband” and “Not For Long.” But the most thought provoking track of his set, in my opinion, was a newer cut titled “Blank Mafia.”

Overall, B.o.B gave a great performance. His stage presence was on point and he had amazing energy. I would recommend checking out the STFU tour if it comes to your city. It’s well worth it and you may discover, like me, that you’ve been a fan of B.o.B all along.


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