I’ve been a fan of Two-9 for quite sometime now and I really like their work, especially Curtis Williams and Jace. There’s been word of #JaceTape dropping for awhile and it’s finally here! I’m anxious to check it out. These guys have been putting in a lot of work and it’s cool to see other people just as excited about it as I am (it was trending on Twitter this morning).

So without further ado, check out #JaceTape below:

http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/m/116289/script/Jace – Jace Tape


Shout Out and Thank You!

I’ve been keeping an eye on my audience and I want to give a shoutout to Germany, Canada, Brazil and the U.K. for rockin with me!

Also, thank you to whoever is checking me out in France, Switzerland, Ukraine, Spain and Russia. I appreciate the love!

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French Montana Believes the Music Industry Is Using Kendrick Lamar to Eliminate Street Rap

French Montana stopped by the Breakfast Club the other day and shared an interesting viewpoint on Kendrick Lamar and his place in the music industry, namely that he was being used to eliminate street rap.

I honestly feel like there is too much street rap. That lane has been oversaturated and maybe that’s why artists like K. Dot are getting so much praise.

Check out what French had to say on Music Times.

Heather Sanders Took Her Baby To The Club

So Heather Sanders has been on my Twitter TL pretty much all day. She apparently took her baby to a concert at the club the other night and you know what that means…everybody and they momma got an opinion about it, including me (kinda).

For those who don’t know, Sanders has a baby with King Trell, who raps with Tyga. I’m not sure where the video clips were originally posted (most likely Snapchat) but they’re making their rounds on the internet. In the video, Sanders can be seen holding her three month old baby as loud music blares in the background.

Although the baby is wearing ear plugs, it just doesn’t seem like the appropriate environment to bring your baby. There’s a reason for an age limit and all types of things happen at clubs: brawls, shootings, drugs, etc. Some noted the fact that Trell was probably performing and also wanted the baby there, but she’s too young to even remember what went down so why subject her to that type of environment?

I thought it was odd for Kim Kardashian to bring North to Kanye West‘s fashion show, especially when she started crying and acting a fool lol. But I’m not a parent and I don’t judge other people’s decisions with their children. I just thought this was peculiar behavior.

Check out the clips of Heather Sanders and her baby below and let me know what you think in the comment section below.