Future – ‘Purple Reign’ Mixtape [REVIEW]

So, I’ve been a fan of Future for a minute now and it’s been interesting to watch his career. He had a great year in 2015 and I think his Monster mixtape that came out the year before kind of set the tone for that, BUT 2016 has gotten off to a shaky start.

Just out of the blue, Future announced that he would be releasing new music and admittedly, I wasn’t as excited for it as I thought it would be. Overall, I would say that Purple Reign is my least favorite of Future’s latest releases. On some songs, the vocals and autotune don’t really mesh well and on others, the production is just boring.

One thing that I really like about Future is his flow and the way he rides the beats, but this project sounds rushed. It almost sounds like these songs were meant for WATTBA before Drake came in the picture. 

Future has put out enough new music to last a good while. I think he should focus on touring and take a break from putting projects out for a minute. He’s undoubtedly had a good run, but any more new music may become redundant or disappointing to some fans. Let us bask in the greatness of Monster, Beast Mode, 56 Nights and DS2.


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